A Community Response to Abuse: Creating Safer Spaces

LISTEN Conference 2016

5th CONFERENCE VIDEO - A Community Response to Abuse: Creating Safer Spaces

Featuring: Elspeth Scrine (Huntly) (moderator), Helen MarcouVaxx Be Dis(ALTERITY COLLECTIVE), Katie Pearson (Whiskey Houston), Em Gayfer(CHELSEA BLEACH), Kate Pern (Cool Room), MzRizk (DJ)

“Following on from the Safer Spaces panel last year, this discussion will look at what has been achieved in the last 12 months. What action has been taken to create safe and inclusive environments, for both performers and punters across Melbourne’s vibrant music communities? This panel features some of the people who have been hard at work developing crucial policies and campaigns to address harassment, assault and inclusivity in the arts industries.”

*All conference videos captured by the exceptional Fatima Mawas*

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