An Update from LISTEN


Wondering what LISTEN has been doing this year? It has been a quiet and reflective year for us here at LISTEN, with a lot of us being hit hard by burnout, or having no time or energy for the immense amount of unpaid labour it takes to keep an organisation with $0 running. But here is something we have been working on…

Over the year we got in contact with the organisers at BIGSOUND, and put together a proposal for panel discussions and speakers that we felt should be represented at the 2017 conference. For folks playing at home, BIGSOUND is the biggest music industry conference in the Southern Hemisphere!

Thanks to the organisers of BIGSOUND for being so receptive, because this year’s conference features FOUR of those proposed panels, and plenty of the important voices we wanted the music industry to hear, like Udaravi Widanapathirana, Nkechinyere Anele, Sullivan Patten, Triana Hernandez and Helen Marcou 

Check out the panels below 

Every Space Should Be a Safe Space

Gender in Music: Quotas & Bridging The Confidence Gap

So, You’ve Been Called Out…

PLEASE NOTE: We originally had this panel in this list for ones that we pitched, but it has since come to our attention that Namila Benson was behind this idea, and this is her work and labor.
Colour-Coded: Culture, Creativity And Categorisation In The Music Industry

(Note -we didn’t come up with the titles 👀)