BRACODE: A brief herstory and pictorial.

The ladies of Bracode:

The ladies of Bracode:
Rebekah Zechner (Zec) - Vocals
Bec Mayhew - Guitar/Vocals
Jacqui Besgrove - Bass
Erica Lewis - Drums

Bracode were a feminist punk band from Sydney/Wollongong (active 1999 - 2009) who were arguably Australia’s most intimidating and entertaining band. Terrifying music journalists with their non-apologist punk havoc and gathering legions of fans (inspiring one woman to leave her husband and one man to push over a guitar rig in an attempt to electrocute them mid-set), Bracode consistently provoked passionate reactions. Using feminist humour and OTT theatricality to disarm audiences, Bracode offered an unlikely marriage of chainsaw-sausage-ripping riffs, complex melodic textures and Nina Hagen-esque vocal acrobatics, all in the name of delivering their political message.

Releasing a demo tape ‘The Sound of Bracode’ and two LP’s ‘Over The Shoulder Boulder Houlder’ and ‘Greatest Tits’, Bracode went on to support international legends Sleater Kinney and The Dresden Dolls.

After Bracode hung up their fascinators, Bec & Jacqui formed Wollongong’s Babymachine (who are still active) and Zec and Erica formed Melbourne band Plast Her Ov Paris. Erica is now drummer for Chicks on Speed (Germany).

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