Listening Party #1

Poster by Antonia Sellbach

This will be the first ‘Listen Presents’ event, to launch our new website.

The website is where we will be collecting and workshopping material for the eventual publication. Although the writing is intended to be in book form eventually and not everyone’s work will be published, we’d like to present this site as a forum for discussion and a place to write the way you want to. (Write like nobody is watching) Contributing Members will be responsible for shaping the documentation of history we see as important.
At this show we’ll be inviting everyone to make a small donation to go towards the creation and maintenance of the site and the management of the LISTEN project.

We will also be inviting everyone to get involved and start writing, start thinking, start discussing. Come along and rant if you like. Come along and ask questions. All the bands performing have members that are a part of the LISTEN group in some way and are really excited to get things going. Come and celebrate the beginning of something that could be something great.