Making Noise: gender diversity in experimental arts

LISTEN Conference 2016

8th CONFERENCE VIDEO - Making Noise: gender diversity in experimental arts

Featuring: Fjorn Butler (Moderator) / Christina Tester (Stina Tester I Cinta Masters) / Emah Fox / EN.V / Raquel Solier (Various Asses)

“Not unlike the commercial arts industry, the experimental arts and its many communities have been largely dominated by, and shaped in favour of, white men. Women and gender non conforming people can be marginalised despite notions of the experimental scene as a freer, more open-minded space. Made up of practicing artists and musicians, this panel will delve into personal experiences and discuss how the panellists navigate the many divergent spaces and institutions that prioritise white men: from the sphere of everyday life, the communities we dwell in, and the institutions we intersect with.”

*All conference videos captured by the exceptional Fatima Mawas*

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