An apology

In the LISTEN Facebook group, a post was made by a LISTEN core member, where they mistakenly copied & pasted

Listening Party #6

Visit FB event page I would write something here, but Julie Montan (Soft Rubbish) has written this incredible intro to

Listening Party #5

Visit FB Event This is the 5th Listening Party!! Oh how time is flying. As well as our usual MO:
Feminism and genderLive experiences and reviewsNewsPoster

Listening Party #1

The website is where we will be collecting and workshopping material for the eventual publication. Although the writing is intended to be in book form eventually and not everyone's work will be published, we'd like to present this site as a forum for discussion and a place to write the way you want to. (Write like nobody is watching) Contributing Members will be responsible for shaping the documentation of history we see as important.
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